Creating a new environment.

All of the amazing Moderators, Brand Designers, Bot Developers, and of course the Community Members play a huge role in creating comfortable, safe, fun and enjoyable environments, which is why we want to shift our focus to encompass all of these incredible people. Introducing: Community Architects

Creating a new environment.

When we at Owners Hub think about who we are trying reach with the resources we put out there, it's never just the creators of communities. In most cases, they're not even addressed at all. We want to reach everyone who is involved with building up the communities we all use on a daily basis, whether that's a Content Creator community, a group all about having a movie night every Sunday, a community that is committed to having the most active voice chats out there, or so much more. The pure variety of communities we get to join & live in is insane, and we, as the Owners Hub community, feel responsible for not only helping the ones who are involved with creating those wonderful places, but also those who help building them from the ground up. All of the amazing Moderators, Brand Designers, Bot Developers, and of course the Community Members play a huge role in creating comfortable, safe, fun and enjoyable environments, which is why we want to shift our focus to encompass all of these incredible people.

Community Architects.

Owners Hub first started off as a closed-off discord server owner space that focused on banning any form of giveaway- and sold advertisements-run communities, which was the entire opposite of other "Discord Server Owner" servers that existed around that time. The concept was unique, but didn't have any clear future for any of our staff. So, in May 2021, we opened our gates for everyone (Find out more about that change and "new era" here.). Not only did this allow people that were new to community owning and moderation to join our community, it also threw our initial concept of only wanting to include "owners" within our chats completely out of the way. We finally had a chance to properly help and educate hundreds, and now thousands of people. But there was still one thing that held us back from attracting the audience we actually wanted to reach: community architects.

Changing our name, brand and identity is a scary move to pull off for sure. People have always known us as the "Owners Hub", and now having to get used to a completely different name is definitely is definitely uncomfortable at first. But the longer we thought about the necessity of this rebrand, the clearer it became that it had to happen as soon as possible. We were limiting ourselves in reaching the people we actually wanted to reach by just simply not including them in our name. We are not only glad to finally be able to call ourselves the "Community Architects", but more than hyped to see how this is going to impact our community in future. Though you might ask yourself:

What are we actually going to change with this rebrand? Just the name, banner & logo?

To keep the answer short, so much more than just that. We want to give everyone the best possible experience when using our server for its intended purpose. We want to encourage more conversations about any community-building related topic and put more focus into creating an amazing onboarding experience for new users. Months of work have gone into creating this entirely new environment, and while many things may seem familiar, take a closer look and enjoy this fresh retake on our new concept.

The Helpdesk.

Full of experts in their respective skill, Community Architects now gives you the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from some veteran community designers, developers and managers in a completely new category and set of channels! When asking a question, you can be sure that the response is tailored to your specific inquiry, invoking helpful conversations on how can you improve your community.

With the help of our new Chat-Bot "Bep", we're replacing our old "advice" channel and will now allow our users to have separate comment sections for each and every question or even custom-written resource.

This system, no matter how smooth it works already, is still in development and will receive more accessibility and user-experience patches over time.

Bep's thread configuration menu.

Community Roles.

With our new era comes new identities; not just for us, but for our community too. As we move away from our previously owner-centric branding, we want to give our members some new ways to label themselves. In addition to our existing pronoun role options, our roles channel now features 5 new roles for you to add to your profile. We're excited for users to be able to brand themselves as a Community Creator, Admin, Moderator, Developer or Artist. Because your roles and passions aren't as binary as yes-or-no, you're able to select multiple roles that you align with. Take a peek into our roles channel, and select a brand new shiny role to add to your profile.

Button roles & role shlash commands managed by Bep.
Example of a customized role profile.

Future Plans.

Going into 2022, we still have many different features and projects we're actively working on to get out there for all of you to enjoy and use as soon as possible.

One of which being of course, the Communities on Discord Podcast.
We initially promised monthly live episodes, but due to the unclear structure of how we were going to promote, use and create these episodes, the project failed. Though that doesn't mean we won't keep trying to provide you all with this amazing type of community moderation & management resource. We've been preparing a new fresh second start for this podcast series for a few weeks now, though we won't be able to talk about more just yet. You can look forward to 2022's Q2 (April-July) where we're going to finally talk about how we're going to continue the project moving forward. Thanks for hanging tight with us, we're so humbled by all of the constructive feedback you all have given us on this project and we will continue to use all of that input to create your Communities on Discord podcast.

Something else many of our members have requested in the past is a proper place to post and highlight all of our community-submitted resources, and we're so pumped to finally show you a very small sneak peek into what we've been working on behind the scenes, to provide you all with the best possible community-building relate resource list.

Figma mockup of our currently WIP Community-Resources page.

Taking a look back at 2021.

Going into 2021, we had roundabout 400 members, and over the course of the past 356 days we have grown to an astonishing group of 1.700 people. We have reached an average of 2000-3000 messages a day, 400 weekly communicators, over 1000 weekly visitors, and so much more. It's been one heck of a crazy year and we couldn't be more hyped to see what 2022 is going to bring to our community.
We want thank all of you for staying with us for so long, going trough all of the ups and downs, updates and role color changes :).

Special Shoutouts go to our entire Staff Team, Media Team, Experts Team, Boosters and Past Contributors who made Owners Hub, and now the Community Architects community what it is today. Thank you. We wouldn't be what we are today without all of you.

Community Architects

We are Community Architects, a Discord community committed to bringing together different community owners and members from all platforms across the board to share ideas, feedback, advice, and opportunities! To share our ideology and messages with audiences from all different walks of life, we've teamed up with Displace to provide you with some exciting and compelling blog posts!