Episode 1: Why moderation is important to communities

On the first episode of the Modcast Podcast, we took a look at the very basics. Joining us for this episode are our guests Devin Nash and Robert Jan.

Episode 1: Why moderation is important to communities

On the first episode of the Modcast Podcast, we took a look at the very basics. Joining us for this episode are our guests Devin Nash and Robert Jan. We also have, of course, our hosts Sean and Kairi.

Episode guests

First off, a little bit about everyone. Devin is the CMO of N3RDFUSION, a talent and creative agency, with a history of experience in esports. Robert Jan, who typically goes as RJ, is a jack of all trades—streamer, commentator, and moderator of communities with upwards of 30,000 members. Over on the hosts' side, Sean has been in moderation for nearly a decade and currently sits on the Trust & Safety team at Discord. Kairi has been moderating for a few years, from Minecraft, to Discord and Twitch, and currently works in the tech industry.


We've covered many topics on this episode, so this is only a small amount of what you'll get from listening to the full podcast.

The first topic we touched on was what moderation actually is. A big misconception is that moderators simply just wait for someone to say a swear word and then ban them. When asked about what Devin thought the purpose of being a moderator is, he replied that he believes a moderator should be the epitome of members in a community.

"I really think that a moderator should do a single thing. They should be the paragon of what you want your community to represent (...) Everything that they type should be what I ideally want every viewer to type."

Devin explained his mindset of how he picks moderators and that he does not want his moderators to take moderation seriously, in that "banning users should not be the highlight of their day." RJ noted:

"It's very much about making the community, just all in all, a safe and nice place to be."

Another topic discussed was when moderation goes wrong. The guests were asked about a time when they saw the lack of moderation affected the community to the point it was turning away them and other users. A great point was raised by RJ that the atmosphere is set by the streamer and their moderators.

"If you allow toxicity to enter your chat, and if you allow a toxic atmosphere to form, it'll be a lot faster that you run into situations where people in chat are being overly toxic and just not being pleasant altogether."

However, another point discussed was that you need to be sure not to have too many moderators. While a toxic chat is unwelcoming, a chat full of heavy-handed moderators can also feel unwelcoming as new chatters might feel as if they are intruding in a space that they do not belong in.


We had some questions provided by members on our Discord which were answered in this episode. One great question was:

"How do you let your community leaders or moderators know they're doing a good job, or a poor job?"

Devin said he "literally lets them know." He'll make sure to let his mods know in his Discord moderator chat when things are going well and that he appreciates them, at least once every month or so.
RJ agreed and added he "thinks this goes for even life in general; there's nothing wrong with a bit of positivity in our lives."
Additionally, RJ said that he checks in with his new mods a few times to make sure the moderation isn't too overwhelming for them. He noted that it is important to ensure your moderators feel comfortable asking questions about areas where they feel unsure. In the case a moderator has messed up, RJ recommends to just tell your mods:

"So you did this thing wrong. This is how you can prevent it going wrong in the future. It's not the end of the world. It happens."

The full episode

This is just a small excerpt of what you can expect from the full episode of this week's Modcast Podcast! Be sure to check out the full thing on Twitch, Spotify or Anchor, we'll be publishing to more platforms such as Apple & Google Podcasts soon!

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