LGBTQ+ slur auto-mod

LGBTQ+ slur auto-mod

Below is a list of LGBTQ+ slurs (that shouldn't hit many false positives) that you can add to your in-build Discord keyword Auto-Mod

fag*, nig*, n1g*, tranny, transvestite, shemale, f4g*, lezzer, lez, cuntboy,
cuntb0y, dickgirl, d1ckg1rl, d1ckgirl, dickg1rl, batty, dyke, fudgepack*, pansy, poof*, tosser, trap

How do I add this list to my auto-mod?

⚙️Server settings ➡ Content Moderation ➡ Create Keyword Filter
Once you have your new Keyword Filter open, copy the text above and paste it into the first box:

You can set your response & exemptions to your liking, remember to name your filter & save your changes! If you enable alerts, the logged message will look like this:

Some bots will be able to detect alert messages & carry out configured actions on users too!

We'd like to thank Johny for creating the hammer icon seen in the header image of this page!