Meet The Team

Meet the people behind the screen, authoring the articles you'll read here on!

Meet The Team

Panley • Owner • Author Page

Hey there, I'm Panley! I took up the mantle of owning Displace rather recently given the community's near 2-year lifespan (as of October 2021) however I've been an avid community member since the earliest days. I've worked constantly to expand the horizons of Displace, culminating right here on this blog! I'm also a seasoned bot developer, content moderator and community manager. I hope you enjoy your time here!

Groovy • Author • Author Page

Hello, my name is GroovyUnicyclist but many people call me Nick. I am a moderator and ama host at Displace, as well as an experienced moderator and member of the Discord Moderator Program. When I'm not on Discord, you can find me unicycling, studying computer science at university, or playing one of my instruments!

Dei • External Author • Author Page

Heya! my name is Deividas, but everyone calls me Dei. I am originally from Lithuania but moved over to Norway for a more suitable lifestyle. Other than that I am part of a few projects around discord, one of them being a moderator and a podcast host over at Owners Hub. Our goal with that project is to provide community owners with helpful resources, guidance, and feedback when it comes to community management.

Barry • External Author • Author Page

Hoi! I'm Barrian (aka Barry), native Australian who now lives in the wonderful southern mountains of Germany! Online, I focus on helping others with building & creating their own amazing communities on Discord. Together with experienced community owners, moderators & designers I built up a community named "Owners Hub" based all around bringing community builders into one place, giving them the opportunity to communicate, provide resources & guidance for community development, and feedback when it comes to community management. Aside from my work online, I work as a kindergarten teacher, focusing on communication with kids in all age groups from 3 to 10.

Vagabond • External Author • Author Page

Hiya! I'm the founder of Dmod & Photography Lounge. Our goal at Dmod, is to expand the moderator ecosystem on Discord, and beyond. When I'm not on Discord, I love to do photography and travel, exploring different cultures around the world. Currently in Lake Como, Italy!