Dispride 2022

The team at Displace want to join you in celebrating Pride Month in 2022! This article will cover some resources for LGBTQ+ communities, messages from our team & Pride Month projects from the Discord-meta community!

Dispride 2022

Displace has been a firm supporter of the LGBTQ+ community & a safe space for people of all gender identities & sexualities since inception, building safe & inclusive communities is imperative, but also brings a swarth of unique challenges. How do I keep my users safe from harassment? What can I do to support Pride? What charities are reputable? What are Discord doing for Pride 2022? We'll hit on all these points below, but first, happy Pride Month from everyone here on the Displace team!

LGBTQ+ Community Moderation

Keeping LGBTQ+ communities safe has long been a challenge, both on Discord and on other platforms. Here are some best practices to help you keep your userbase safe, both during pride and year round:

  • Leverage auto-moderation to prevent users from sending homophobic/transphobic/bigoted slurs. You can use bot-based automoderation (We recommend AutoModerator & Zeppelin, but you can read about more options here) or;
  • Use Discord's in-built auto-moderation feature if you have access (As of the writing of this article, all Discoverable & Partnered guilds have access), with a list of commonly used slurs. We have put together a list & guide to do this! (CW, LGBTQ+ slurs are immediately visible on this link!)
  • Invest in anti-raid & member verification bots to help alleviate malicious raids, most of these raids are performed by real people so while we'd normally recommend Beemo for anti-raid. We can recommend Zeppelin combined with an account age rule to help prevent raids.
  • Keep an eye on new joins; profile pictures, names, bios, banners & statuses may give away potential trolls!
  • Stay on top of hoaxes! Every year a hoax by the name of 'Pridefall' is propagated across social media & images of other festivals for BDSM groups are mislabelled as being pride marches! This kind of misinformation can be intentionally spread by trolls or unknowingly spread by normal users. Having reponses on hand for these hoaxes may be helpful to help stem the misinformation!
  • Ask for help if you need it, many LGBTQ+ communities get external help or scale up their moderation teams & automoderation rules over pride. Don't be afraid to reach out to adjacent communities if you're having a tough time! If you need moderators over Pride, you should also consider using the Collaborations channel on the Displace Discord server, there are many experienced moderators & admins within the community who would love to help!

What can I do to support pride?

Grab some pride emotes! It's a small, free gesture that shows support of the LGBTQ+ community, it goes a small way in normalizing pride and will be appreciated by those with LGBTQ+ identities! We can recommend the extensive emotes below, be sure to show the artist some appreciation!

If your community has some creative folks, consider running an event for LGBTQ+ spins on your server banner/icon/invite splash! Displace has a lovely contingent of artists that make some amazing art, including Danu who designed the banner & icon below for us! You should check out Danu's Discord Icons server for more of their amazing work!

Consider running a Stage event for Pride! AMA's are a popular format for this, but if you have LGBTQ+ community figures within your server, you can consider running a panel! If your community is based around a company, development team or game, consider having LGBTQ+ members of the team discuss their experiences. Our friends at Community Architects will be running a Stage event in their community, check it out below!

Add pronoun roles to your community! These can be made self-assignable using a bot like AutoModerator, Zira or Discord's Pronoun Picker bot! This is a nice way to let your communtiy members share their identity!

What charities are reputable?

We've deferred to Charity Navigator to aggregate a list of reputable charities within the US:

  • ★★★✰ GLSEN - This charity worked with Discord for its 2021 Pride event.
  • ★★★★ GSA Network - empowers and trains queer, trans and allied youth leaders to advocate, organize, and mobilize.
  • ★★★★ Resource Center - primary care for gender-affirming treatment, HIV and STI treatment, immunizations and wellness & prevention.

Internationally there are many other charities, including The Trevor project, Stonewall & OurRight Action International.

Always be sure to research any charity you raise or donate funds for!

What are Discord doing for Pride 2022?

There isn't any information regarding this as of the publishing of this article, however this section will be updated if this changes at any point! Given the 2020 & 2021 merch drops, we can hesitantly expect something similar this year! They have shared a post on LinkedIn about their Pride Employee Resource Group & created an article covering Pride!

An afterword from the Displace team

Many of the staff members & users in Displace identify as LGBTQ+, I invited members of our team to discuss their identity and what pride meant to them!

I'm Charlotte. I'm a non-binary(?) transfem panromantic(?) lesbian that goes by she/they pronouns. Most importantly, above all those labels, some of which have question marks attached to them, I am me. I am a living, breathing human being just like everybody else. Pride for me means expressing just that - me - just the way I am, even if I don't fully understand it, even if there's no labels to describe it and even if people will hate me for those immutable traits.

Hello, I'm Bunneo! I identify as a cisgender(?), Bisexual female (she/her). I've been trying to figure out who I am for a very long time and throughout the past year, I don't think I've been more confused about my identity. Heck I was so confused about who I am that a couple months ago I was trying to do those BuzzFeed quizes!

Hi, I'm Nick, and I am a cisgender, heterosexual man (he/him). Although I am cishet, pride is extremely important to me as someone who has so many LGBTQ+ people in my life. I am dedicated to cultivating inclusive, welcoming communities on Discord, and a huge part of that for me is ensuring that LGBTQ+ people can feel safe being themselves online (and irl when it comes to my irl friends). It brings me joy to play a part in giving others a place to feel comfortable celebrating their identity, both during pride, and all other times of the year!

Hey, I'm Panley!  I identify as a transfem/enby, demisexual (greysexual) panromantic woman (she/they). I've been on a long journey with my identity, especially with my gender identity & being trans. Acceptance of trans people is very patchy, with trans non-binary individuals having even more struggles. I also felt an obligation, for a long time, to identify as pansexual as I was panromantic. However, my discovery of the asexual spectrum led me to my current, greysexual identity! Pride month for me is an opportunity for individuals to unite around a community they share, a time to push for change & progression, and to call out the malicious, degressive behaviours of international legislators & organizations. It's about equal rights, human rights, freedom of expression and unity!