Video backgrounds, desktop multi-upload & more!

Discord have been working on more quality of life additions with a focus on voice channel features.

Video backgrounds, desktop multi-upload & more!

Discord have been working on more quality of life additions recently, in this patchnote we'll be covering these additions as well as WIP features we're hoping to see release more soon, in this detailed patchnote we'll cover:

  • Multi-attachment updates
  • Video backgrounds
  • ID search expansions
  • Activity icons on guild icons

Multi-attachment uploads fully release

In our last patchnote, we covered the WIP feature of multi-attachment hitting the Desktop applications on an A/B basis. This has now fully released as being announced on Twitter. With this full release there has also been a reworking of how file attachments are handled with regards to the attachment upload limitations. Previously restrictions were enforced on the sum of all attachments (100MB for Nitro users, 8MB for non-Nitro users). This restriction is now enforced per-image. With the attachment limit of 10/message, this will now allow non-Nitro users to upload 80MB of images! However, there is still a message-wide limit of 100MB on all messages, so this news isn't quite as beneficial to Nitro users.

Video Backgrounds

Discord have added a new background feature to voice calls, configurable via the Voice & Video section of the Desktop client. This feature allows for users to replace the background of their video feed with one of the four images provided by Discord, a custom background image (up to ten) uploaded by users if they have Nitro, or a blur filter provided by Discord. Below is a gif of this feature in action, it works admirably for faces, bodies & objects within focus.

ID search added to guild bans

IDs have been usable inconsistently in the various search functions on Discord. With this change, IDs are now usable on the Desktop client for messages & bans. Hopefully this will soon expand to the long neglected Audit log & to the mobile clients. IDs in search are invaluable, notably in the case of bans to identify banned accounts which are later deleted.

Activity icons on Guild icons

Activites have been in the desktop client to varying degrees over the past months, a recent change added an indicator to guilds that have an activity ongoing in a voice channel. This change reflects the addition of indicators to guild icons for various ongoing activity, including the new events system & stage channels. This change is hopefully indicative of voice channel activites being a successful experiment, warranting platform-wide release.

More to come?

Discord have been hard at work creating many features and expanding on existing experiments, including threads, guild banners, account switching and much more! We're excited to see more of these features as they release. If you're interested in seeing more updates, be sure to sign up to the blog with your Discord account and join the Displace Discord server!